Monday, 27 October 2014

Utah Killer Bug SBS

Utah Killer Bug Materials - Just Two
The materials you will need for the Utah Killer Bug
The grayling population in my club river is sparse and localised, as such it is hard to go out for a day and specifically target them. When I do fish for them, the Utah Killer bug catches it's fair share. It will be on my leader somewhere, but invariably it occupies the middle dropper.

UKB Step 1

To tie my version of the UKB you need only two materials; 0.20mm pink wire and oyster coloured Jamieson's of Shetland Spindrift wool. I have found the best size for this fly is 12, although I do tie them in 14's.

UKB Step 2

Use a drop of superglue to sucure the wire underbody and start wrapping the wire at around the two-thirds point back from the eye.

UKB Step 3

Wind the wire in touching turns to the eye. Take one long wrap back so the wire is at the one-third point on the hook shank and reccomence the touching turns back around the bend. Once you have wrapped a second layer of wire covering the middle section of the shank, make another long wrap to the starting point of the wire and trap down the tag end. Helicopter the tag end off and make another couple of turns of wire and leave; the wire will not unravel. The underbody should appear to taper up from the eye to a thicker middle and taper back down at the end of the body.

UKB Step 4

UKB Step 5

Tie in a length of wool starting where the second layer of wire ends - keep hold of the tag end - wrap the wool to the eye, then wind the wool back towards the bend so there are two layers of wool. When you reach the tag end of wool trap it with one or two wraps of wool and cut off the excess. Continue to where the wire has been left and tie off the wool with four or five turns of wire working back towards the eye. Trim the remaining wool and cut the wire close; a drop of superglue on the wire will keep it from coming undone.

A quick simple tie and very effective. For more weight wrap a layer or two of adhesive lead and wind a single layer of wire starting at the eye.

The fly transforms into a fantastic subtle pink colour, that appears translucent when wet.


UKB - Wet


  1. I like the look of those Ben, colour looks great when it's wet.

  2. Hi Ben
    I actually think they look better than the version which uses Chadwicks 477. Are the materials easy to come by please?

  3. Brian it's a lovely subtle pink when wet, I think sometimes there's too much emphasis on in-your-face fluro pink.

    Peter the materials are very easy to find, search for them and they'll come up.

  4. Ben.

    Some better grayling can be found on the upper river?? Not many but some to over two pound do turn up. If you know the barbel beats on the river then that's the place to try.


  5. Richard are you talking above or below the town? I find the town stretch productive in certain areas, although I caught grayling on beats E and H this year and probably would have caught more had I not spent most of the summer chasing urban lumps.