Saturday, 14 February 2015

Winter solace

Winter chub

A spare day, which for me is rare, was spent in solitude and neoprenes. I needed to get out, there was no expectation to catch; being there was enough. Incidentally I did catch, the chub above and an out of season trout. 

It was obvious I hadn't been fishing for a while, my casting was slack, I kept snapping off as I lifted too exuberantly and I really should have caught over half a dozen. 

The fish were sulky, which made a change, it has been me that has needed cheering up recently. As it happens I spent the day feeling quite upbeat and looking forward to the coming new season. 


  1. Nice chub Ben, i wish we had a few chub streams up here.

  2. A small one really Col, I've had them to over 6lb before on bread flake. I'll swap you some chub for your trout and grayling.

  3. Well in Ben, at least you got out.

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