Sunday, 27 July 2014

Dyed mallard flank

The Phd tied with the original natural mallard wing

In the past, when I have been tying Phd's, Barbour paraduns or any other patterns requiring mallard flank, I have used marker pens to colour where necessary. Normally I have only used various shades of grey depending on how dark I wanted the wing. Results were mixed, the flank took the colour well enough but I didn't feel it would last. An alternative is of course commercially dyed feathers.

Being a fan of Nature's Spirit products, it was inevitable I would end up trying some of their dyed mallard flank. Medium dun and summer duck are the colours I have used so far, the results are good. A wing made of the medium dun makes a fly look darker overall compared to natural mallard. The summer duck substitute is quite good, not as subtly coloured as the natural carolina wood duck flank, but certainly acceptable.

I have tied up a Phd.

The dyed mallard flank really adds to this fly, in my eyes anyway

Some Catskill style dry-flies. Summer duck is well used in the States on the Catskills pattern, the Hendrickson is one of the best known.

The summer duck sub is a deep rich colour
A hendrickson with a medium grey dun hackle, tied short at the eye in the tradition Catskill style
This is tied with a dark dun hackle

A generic blue dun with medium dyed mallard flank, muskrat body and medium dun hackle

Just for fun I have also tied up a Phd in the Hendrickson colours.

This is a colour combo for the Phd that I like

You can find Nature's Spirit dyed mallard flank at Funky Fly Tying here.

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