Monday, 26 January 2015

Still flirting with deer hair

Mike's Roe deer

It seems I haven't finished my flirtation with deer hair. Last year was the first time I used Bob Wyatt's Deer hair emerger. It proved to be effective not only for still-water rainbows, but wild browns and grayling. Originally tied on a curved grub hook, I find the Daiichi 1160 klinkhamer a great shape for the DHE although it really is horses for courses. Again Mike's deer hair proved to be impeccable, I have some comparadun hair but it's too light in colour or my liking.

As well as the standard Dhe sporting a hares ear body, I have used a dubbing blend sent to me Andrew Ellis of buzzerfan fame. The dubbing blend - simply labelled scruffy buzzer mix - is originally meant for a deadly buzzer pattern of the same name. I can't see any reason why it wouldn't make a great body for a stillwater emerger, and of course I had to tie the buzzer version too.

Bob Wyatt's DHE
The Dhe mk11 - Wyatt no longer covers the deer hair butts.
Hook: Daiichi 1160 Klinkhamer hook
Thread: 55d GSP
Body and Thorax: Hares ear dubbing
Wing: Deer hair
Bob Wyatt's DHE

Bob Wyatt's DHE
Standard and scruffy buzzer Dhe
Scruffy DHE

Scruffy buzzer dubbing
Scruffy buzzer dubbing blend up close.
Scruffy buzzer
Andrew's Scruffy buzzer
Hook: Curved grub style sizes 10-14
Thread: 55d GSP
Body: Andre Ellis' Scruffy dubbing mix
Rib: Gutermann Sulky metallic thread pearl
Hotspot: Orange seals fur
Thorax: Scruffy buzzer blended with squirrel
Breathers: White antron
Scruffy buzzer

Scruffy DHE

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