Tuesday, 26 April 2016

North country wet flies - retied

I won't lie, I rather impressed myself with the tying and photography of the Partridge and Yellow earlier in the year. As a result I set about re-tying and photographing some more spiders.

Last year after purchasing Rob Smith's excellent The North Country Fly I got into a frenzy and tied a lot of spiders and wet flies, I had a lot of fun, however, I had made the mistake of tying the bodies a little too long, merely aesthetics of course but it bothered me enough to have another go. These I feel are much. much better, I'm still impressed with myself, I hope you don't mind and now I've restocked with some more Partridge Classic Spider hooks I'm going to do a few more.

Procter's Pearly Butt Bloa
Paul Procter's Pearly Butt Bloa
Olive Partridge
Olive Partridge, something I tied to show off a partridge skin I had dyed
Waterhen Bloa
Waterhen Bloa
Hare's Lug And Plover
Hare's Lug and Plover


  1. Great looking spiders. Those should fish well.

  2. Wow! Those are gorgeous spiders. Your tying and photography are exemplary.