Saturday, 16 November 2013

CDC and Elk

Such a simple fly but one I've not tried before. I have never had much luck with dry caddis patterns, they've been more of a chance it method rather than being the fly to use. I did witness a caddis hatch this year, though the fish were taking to ascending pupa rather than the adult I was pleased to actually see a proper hatch. Most of this really does boil down to my fishing times being of a social nature. I rarely fish late. I'm too considerate to my partner, it would be unfair to fish into darkness and leave bedtime duties solely to her. Despite all this it would be foolish to not have any adult caddis patterns in your box. This is one I have now added to mine, I'll make an effort to use it when I can.
White cdc dyed with a Kurecolor marker colour 504
Dark brown cdc
Dark brown CDC


  1. Ben, i love using elk hair caddis flies ,they can bring fish out of no where!!!!

    nice ties by the way

    1. Bruce I've never really had much success or confidence using adult caddis patterns. I will make a concerted effort this coming season to try them more.

  2. Ben , its a fly i have loads of confidence in like the Griffiths Gnat a great fly both never fail me Ben ,and as said on forum caught plenty with it submerged ,let it go under at end of your run and fish it back as a wet !!!