Sunday, 1 December 2013

Classic grayling flies: The dries.

What better to do than tie up on these dull days, some flies sporting bright woolen tags for tails. Everyone loves the classic grayling dry flies, when I can get a day on the river I'll be giving these a go.
Red tag

Treacle Parkin

Sturdy's Fancy

Grayling Witch


  1. they are just my cup of coffee Ben, nicely tied, Sturdy's Fancy probably my all time favourite :)

    1. I'm a bit disappointed George, I forgot to change he thread over for the Sturdy's. Should be purple.

    2. tbh Ben I've got sturdy's tied in purple, black and even brown and they are all taken quite freely.

    3. I don't suspect for a minute it'd make a shred of difference, more that I feel I hadn't tied it properly. I specifically bought the purple thread for this fly. I was originally going to tie the Sturdy's for the LTC auction that danielp had arranged but the white hackle didn't turn up in time.