Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Great day for fishing, not so good for catching.

DHE fooled Brown Trout

Another lunchtime finish and a short afternoon session. I fished the same beat as last week hoping to get among the midging fish again.

Beat B

Starting around mid-way on the beat I found the odd rising fish along with the occasional hatching upwing. I missed a couple of fish before I finally landed one. Hoping that the stutter early on had passed, it proved to be more of the same. I missed or pricked around another dozen fish all rising to a DHE and I left after three hours feeling pretty frustrated; it was just one of those days.

9" Brown Trout

I'm out again tomorrow, fingers crossed my fortunes change.


  1. Hello Ben.

    The river is very low and clear, more like July conditions, very tough. I've not seen any decent fish either this season, and that's a surprise.

    If you fancy a trip on the town beat, let me know and I'll meet you on the river? We can catch up and have a few hours fishing too?

    Kind Regards.


    1. Coincidently Richard I'll be showing a fellow club member the urban stretch this Friday morning if you're around? If notpossibly Sunday morning while a friend is being inducted.

  2. Friday would be fine, I don't fish weekends being retired.
    What time and where?

    1. I shall be meeting Steve at Wyndham Park at around nine and starting from there.

    2. There is a car park beside a bowling green. I'll meet you both there around 9 am.