Wednesday, 11 April 2018


It has been a while since my last blog post and I apologise to those of you who have been patiently waiting for an update.

You can never be certain what lies around the corner when it comes to life, sure you can try and plan for most eventualities but a curve ball can really throw you off. I guess you have all been wondering where I have been for the last two years; well my personal life had been affected by major changes and as a result fishing took an expected minor role and I rarely went out, I had really lost my mojo for it and in stark contrast to two seasons ago where I’d be out minimum once a week I have hardly fished at all in the last two seasons.

This winter just gone saw a shift, the desire to go fishing returned and I managed a few trips out although the weather hampered most efforts. This years club membership has been renewed after a break for one season but still the weather has delayed the start of the season for me.

Some may have noticed a subtle change in the blog; I have slowly started to update pictures from older posts that have been affected by photofuckets effort to ruin the internet and all will be transferred over to Flickr in the near future.

Thank you to those who continue to visit the blog and be rest assured it shouldn't be two years between posts again.


  1. Great to see you back Ben, I hope all is good with you, all the best George

    1. Thanks George, yes things are great now and adding fishing back to the mix can only make it better. Glad to have had regular updates on your blog as many that I followed went a similar way to mine and haven't been updated for many years.

    2. Glad to hear it mate, I dont think I could stop it now even if I tried, after 46 years since picking up my first rod its ingrained into me now. Nice to see you back buddy :)